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Source: Jeremy Kyle UK. 

Submitter Comment: I don’t think this picture requires comment, its that bad.

What’s Awful: He comes from the town I live in, therefore there is someone here who is STUPID enough to tattoo that on this guys face. 

How can it be fixed: Become a recluse. A hermit.

Okay. This guy may not have the most beautifully done facial tattoos ever and they’re nowhere near the quality of Rick Genest/Zombie Boy’s, but the solution is not to become a recluse or a hermit. Getting a facial tattoo is a major life decision and many many tattoo artists will go through extensive measures to make sure that the person getting the tattoo is sound enough in their decision and knows what the consequences in our mainstream society are before doing facial tattoo work, especially that extensively. The tattoo artist should be shamed more for not doing an amazing job rather than the actual act of tattooing someone’s face. Just because you don’t like/want facial tattoos doesn’t mean you get to join the “OH MY GOD WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT HOW ARE YOU GONNA GET A JOB YOU MUST HAVE TO BE A RECLUSE AND HERMIT WITH NO FRIENDS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE” club, ya know? I really don’t know what the solution for fixing the quality of the tattoos would be, but the fact that they are on his face is not the problem. You’re allowed to not understand, but don’t be an ass about it, please. 

Also this might’ve been the look the guy was going for.

Too long; didn’t read? Basic point: The idea is not inherently awful and this man shouldn’t be shamed for the idea of his tattooing and shouldn’t be told to be a recluse or hermit forever. The execution of the artwork by the tattooer who did this isn’t the best and I feel a little bad about that because it could’ve been done 10 times better.


haha jeremy kyle doe…

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  2. blurple-fucking-rainbows said: Why do so many people bias of those with facial tattoos? On a fb page I’m a fan of they asked what do you think if facial tattoos and so many people said convict or unemployable or ugly or attention seeker.
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